Sons Trauma Kit

Ultra-Thin Trauma Kit designed to fit behind your body armor.

Our innovative Trauma Kit eliminates bulky medical pouches that take up space on your kit. Sized to fit behind Medium ballistic plates, the Sons kits are packed for quick deployment and designed around injury patterns in order of priority for battlefield trauma treatment with the necessary supplies. Kits are approximately ½"- ¾" thick at their widest point.


Made in the USA | Patents Pending


DTK - Front
DTK - Back
Low Visibility Front
Low Visibility Back

Battle Tested Durability

Tapered Heavy-duty Medical grade vinyl keeps gear protected during long deployments. Designed to last 24-30 months. Outperforms the competition by a ratio of 2 or 3 to 1.

Pressure Sealed

Low profile lightweight design with no nylon pouch needed.

Eliminates the danger of getting snagged when exiting tactical vehicles, crawling, climbing, and moving through small areas.

Additionally offers Buoyancy.


Securely fits under a MIL-SPEC Medium ballistic plate.

Protected from blast type attacks.

Precision RF Welding produces a
smooth continuous seam that creates waterproof protection for valuable
medical supplies.

Customizable Ripcord

Enables full control over ripcord size and color.

Pull Handle

TCCC Protocols

By packaging logically for injury patterns, our kit aids in priority of treatment. Top down use.

Spread Loading

Extra medical gear improves the units trauma capabilities.

Equipment Storage


Blower Storage

Equipment Storage

Blower Storage

SOP Changes

Contents may be customized for a units specific needs.


Designed for quick deployment, the contents are packed around injury patterns in order of priority for care. If the injured person is lying down or sitting, self-aid or buddy aid, conscience or unconscious. A full length Ripcord opens the pressure sealed kit.

Gas Mask Storage

Deliberate or Hasty Access System

Quick Release

Ripcord - Hasty Access System Only


Equipment Storage

Canister Covers


Dust Cover

Replaces factory designed dust covers. Truly protects your equipment.

Aperture Accessory

The Mission determines the aperture you need - 3 sizes to choose from

Sacrificial Lens

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Lens

Sizing Adapter

Allows the HOPLITE to fit on 18x different NVG models.

Gas Mask Storage


Deliberate Access System


Shoulder Strap

Climbing Rope


Clash Hoop



Deployment Configuration

QuikClot Combat Gauze x1

4" Z-Fold Gauze Bandage x2

14G Needle x1

Occlusive Dressing x2

NPA w/ 550 x1

3" Elastic Bandage x1

2" Safety Pins x2

Nitrile Gloves x1

Casualty Card x1


MSRP $135.00


Government and Law Enforcement Pricing Available

Security Force Configuration

Hemostatic Z-fold Gauze x1

4" Z-Fold Gauze Bandage x2

Occlusive Dressing x2


Nitrile Gloves x1

2 yd Medical Tape x1





 MSRP $125.00


Government and Law Enforcement Pricing Available

Low Vis Configuration

Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze x1

4" Z-Fold Gauze Bandage x1

Occlusive Dressing x2


Nitrile Gloves x1

2 yd Medical Tape x1





 MSRP $90.00 - 110.00


Government and Law Enforcement Pricing Available

Tech Specs

Weight:              1/2 lbs.

Thickness:         1/2 - 3/4 in

Width:                9 in

Length:              12 in

Material:            Medical Grade Vinyl

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