About the Founder

Ten years ago I was you, an active duty end user.

I had a new innovation born out of multiple deployments and combat experiences and no clue how to commercialize it. With a Patent pending and a Non Disclosure Agreement in hand, I showed my product to several manufacturers. One of them actually liked it. We negotiated a royalty agreement - life was good.

Several years into our agreement, the manufacturer informed me that due to a small clause in our agreement he would stop paying my royalties.

The manufacturer continued to sell my innovation and made many millions of dollars.


Four years ago I was you again. Second Innovation - this time I had a clue from my earlier experience.

I founded Phokus Research Group with a business partner to protect my ideas and every end user with whom we partner, from the discovery of a great idea through delivery and commercialization. Ensuring our partners succeed through this process is the partnership Phokus delivers. Together we can bring the financial and human resources to help inventors capitalize on the value of their innovations.