The Phokus Research TCCC card is based on recommendations from the Department of Defense Joint Trauma Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care released in April 2013.

The following changes and modifications allow for better documentation:

•The casualty Battle Roster Number (to link to the DoD Trauma Registry)

•Better documentation of the mechanism of injury

•Improved documentation of tourniquet use

•Documents the use of junctional tourniquets

•Documents the use of prehospital plasma and blood

•Documents the hemoglobin oxygen saturation

•Documents the pain level

•Incorporates a section for supraglottic airway use

•Documents the type of supraglottic airway

•Documents the type of chest seal

•Ketamine added in the analgesic section

•Incorporates the use of tranexamic acid

•Documentation of an eye shield usage

•Documentation of combat pill pack usage

•Documentation of hypothermia prevention equipment


Waterproof, Tear-proof, and Built to stay attached in the harshest Rotor Wash.

All Deployment Configuration - DTK's come standard with this improved TCCC Casualty Card.