Although the Sons Trauma Kit can be placed into about any plate carrier, having one that has lower opening separate soft and hard armor external access should be a strong consideration. Usually the hard armor pocket has a pretty serious closure due to the intended carry weight while the soft armor pocket tends to have a lower key velcro closure. Due to this, one of the most preferred setups is to have the Sons kit in the soft armor pocket with the main pull tab sticking out through the opening allowing the easiest pull out access while being worn. An example of this would be seen on the First Spear AAC carrier, yet even on vests with separate soft armor pockets, having some other sort of retention is common. This can be seen easier on the Eclipse RBAV-AF which has the soft armor opening higher up rather than being at the bottom, which does make sense as the main purpose is to keep the soft armor in there even if the velcro seal gives out. For better or worse this causes enhanced retention on the Sons Trauma Kit, making it more difficult to extract one handed.