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Many small companies are owned by former military personnel. They
aren’t used to the business world or dealing with professional BS
artists. The more selectively manned the unit someone belonged to in
the military, the more susceptible they are to being bamboozled in the
business world. At their unit the only people who had access to them
were vetted and deemed trustworthy. Out here, it’s a dog eat dog world
and those of questionable morals work hard to insert themselves into
circles of trust (remember that comment in name dropping).

Gear Reviewers - Who Are They?

The very first thing any prospective reviewer should do, either via
phone, email, or in person (at a trade show) is tell you who they are
and where they publish. If not, they are probably full of it, or don’t
have enough experience to be effective. Either way, steer clear.

Do they ask for money or ask you to purchase advertising in order to
review your product? If so, RUN away from them and tell all of your
friends to steer clear as well. Paid reviews are bad for business.
Also, tell me so I can place them in my mental Rolodex of shame.


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