Phokus Research Group

Overall Score: 4.84


Tester #1

Police Officer from Colorado

While I have used night vision in the field, both as part of a Task Force and on patrol, I have only used NV on SWAT call outs a few times, and then just for scouting. So when I received the Hoplite night vision focusing cover I really didn’t know what it was. Like most of you, I figured I would just try it out rather than reading any directions.

I put the Hoplite on my PVS-14 and it didn’t take long to realize that I wasn’t messing around with focusing. I tried it out inside and it instantly made everything up close go from blurry to focused, without losing the ability to see far away.

I will admit I had to look at the very simple ‘user’s guide’ to figure out how to lock the cover onto the PVS-14. Once it was locked on if felt very solid. I wouldn't be afraid to lose it in the field.

One thing I really liked about this piece of gear is that when I mount a PVS-14 on my rifle (I have an Aimpoint 3X magnifier with a ‘twist mount’ behind my Aimpoint PRO, and there is a Twist Mount adapter for the NV) it keeps everything in focus, both near and far. That said, I've never used this setup in the field.

If you have night vision issued to you and are serious about using it for more than scouting, I would encourage you to consider adding this cover. A hundred bucks seems like a lot for what you receive, but hey, if you can spend a few grand on a PVS-14, why not?


Tester #2

Police Officer from California

The Phokus Hoplite is a user-friendly device that attaches to the objective end of a PVS-14 device (and a variety of other night vision systems) and allows it to focus at various focal planes without adjustment.

The filter is quickly and easily attached to the end of the NOD. The PVS-14 must be focused to a specific focal plane, meaning it can be manually focused for close or far distances by adjusting the objective. With the Hoplite attached, the PVS-14 can be focused to infinity and the user can focus on items at any distance without further adjustment.

The Hoplite is equipped with a lanyard loop, a scratch-resistant sacrificial lens, a tension lock device (to ensure it stays put), a flip-up hinge, and an aperture in the middle of the flip-up cap. It comes with different sized apertures, which can quickly and easily be swapped out with no tools. Once applied to the night vision, this lightweight device (less than 1oz) can be flipped up or down to bring it into or out of use.

When activated,the Hoplite does an impressive job of bringing objects at all focal planes into focus for the operator. It is easy and simple to use with minimal training. This device does exactly what it was built to do and gives the tactical operator working in darkness conditions a huge advantage for a small investment.

For teams working regularly in night vision, I highly recommend this product.